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by the sea
uni photos
[student village residents]
Most of the people staying on campus, minus about half a dozen. This was taken at our first BBQ, loads of fun!

[balcony view]
The awesome view from my balcony!

[liam & kasia attempting to kill one another]
Two of my housemates (Liam & Kasia), attempting to well... kill one another. But really, we're a HAPPY little family!!!

[alina & angela]
Alina & Angela, two of the village residents, at the BBQ.

This is the other person I live with, Tony, sleeping on the INFAMOUS couch... he was snoring the entire time he was asleep.

[scott & kasia]
Scott, Kasia and a Bacardi... hmmm Bacardi.....

And for those who are interested. We stole Liam's couch (the one Tony is sleeping on above) and took it for an adventure when he was away for a few days... without him knowing of course! And you can see it all here in....
But for now, that's all the photo's I can be bothered putting up... more later.

to all the people I've stolen pictures from... thanks! I'll take them down if you so insist!