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by the sea
adventures of the couch
There's a story behind the couch, which I'll give you a brief overview of... it's Liam's... hehe
Okay, really. There's an un-spoken "you break it, you bought it" policy. And he's slightly, well, protective of the couch. So what do we do? We wait until he goes away for the weekend and we steal it! (Leave it to an Australian!)
Just a note, we can never go anywhere in Lilydale again after this!

And without further ado... I present
"The Adventures of the Couch"

[fitting through the door]
As you are able to see we had a little trouble escaping.
First we couldn't fit through the door…
Then the balcony jump crossed our mind, but decided that it was far too scary in the dark
[jumping to the death]
[falling down stairs]
So eventually we just took a run up and well… fell, but no injuries so far
Next on the agenda was to visit some of our friends…
First to Bonnie & Joerg
[more visiting...]
Then to apartment B1 lower…
There we stayed and had some dinner - it was rather lovely.
We decided then to venture out into the big wide world…
Only to be stopped along the way by Ricky wanting to have a seat…
[stopped by a fan...]
[keeping the fans away...]
We had to take safety measures to keep others away... after all we had places to go, things to do, people to see....

Next we decided to have a game of basketball, stretch the legs perhaps... incase you were wondering the couch won 19-12
[playin' some ball]
[having a rest]
We had a bit of a rest outside the Atrium at uni... the couch is unfit
After the exhausting game of basketball we decided to catch a lift and "hit the town"
[big car, little man, thought we'd catch a lift]
[shopping is cheap... and we matched the colour scheme]
Thought we'd get a few supplies for the night...
Including visiting "good ol' Harry." We actually wanted the whole block of drinks, but it wasn't to be...
[hmmm... alcohol!!]
[we'll entertain you!]
Stopping for a video, choosing a video is so hard!
And finally, out on the town... or so we thought. The only way to go! CONNEX...

[train station]