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stories I've told
smelling the seaweed again

[W A T E R   R A T S]

[b a c k   2   g o o d ]
"You cannot change the past, only the future." Rachel is faced with her hardest decision ever, whether to stay where she is or move on... and the context is not quite what you'd expect.

[t h e   b e g i n n i n g]
The conversation to follow Gavin's farewell speech to Tayler... (Set during the season finale, companion to "The End")

[c a l l   f r o m   t h e   d i s t a n c e]
Six months after Frank's shock departure from the Water Police, they receive a phone call from him - only Rachel isn't sure whether she wants to answer it.

[d e a r   m u m]
A son's grieving over everything he left unsaid...

[g o o d - b y e]
I don't have a summary for this fic.

[h a r d   t i m e s]
It's never easy having to replace someone else - but for Alex St Clare, trying to fill Goldie's shoes seems almost impossible. (And you thought Jack and Alex were at loggerheads in the season finale...)

[i n n e r   t h o u g h t s]
With Rachel's diary in hand, Jack holds her innermost thoughts. But will he read it all?

[i s   t h e r e   a   r e a s o n]
Surrounded only by ocean Frank begins to wonder, is there a reason why he did leave?

[m y   r a c h el]
Felix was a very much overlooked character in the death of Rachel; this is his story.

[N O   W A Y !]
Rachel is given an assignment she desperately wants to refuse.

[t h e   p i z z a   b o y]
Choosing a Pizza is such a hard decision

[p l e a s e   c a l l   m e]
Some people seem to disappear when they leave, but Gavin isn't content to let Tayler do so... and since she won't answer his calls, he decides to vent his emotions by writing a letter.

[q u e e n   o f   h e a r t s]
Rachel is gone, but Gavin's still waiting, wondering, and grieving. A moving, emotionally written story which explores Gavin's feelings for both Rachel and Tayler.

[t r u t h   a n d   h o n e s t y]
Love's for a lifetime not for a moment [All the Love in the World, The Corrs]

[y e a r s   g o n e   b y]
Forever is a long time, but when you love someone that's how long it can take to let go of them.

[B L U E   H E E L E R S]

[d a n c i n g   o n   m y   g r a v e]
An interesting take on Maggie's death... fate is not always fair.

[s t r a y   t e a r s]
Left alone after Maggie's death PJ's friends help him though a rough time.

[v o i c e   o f   r e a s o n]
Short, pointless and plotless -- but worth a spot.

[p a s t   p r e s e n t &  f u t u r e]
My most mammoth fic ever! Seriously it's huge -- you just have to read it.

[i   w o n d e r]
A short follow up piece to "Past, Present & Future... from Izy's point of view.

[b l o n d e s   i n   q u e e n s l a n d]
I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote this... I musta been on something really good, but the scary part is -- WE'RE REALLY LIKE THAT!

[d o d g i e ' s   i n   v i c t o r i a]
The follow up to "Blondes in Queensland" -- yes, there's more and it's worse...

[s l e e p i n g   i n   t h e   m o o n l i g h t]
They know it's time... and that's sweet...

Now, if you thought they were bad -- you don't wanna read the rest!! Believe me!

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