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by the sea
photos of friends

[vanessa & simone]
Vanessa & Simone - more commonly known as "Ness & Sim", actually you'd most probably see D & Sim, but I don't have a photo of D [hint, hint]! Both are Melbournians, although earlier this year Ness attempted to become a Queenslander but she came back because Melbourne is apparently "the place to be." And Sim... well she's originally from Moe - 'nuff said.

[pip the human]
This is Pip, the human, and for those of you that have made the connection, yes my cat is named after her even though he's a boy! Long story. But Pip here is a dreaded Queenslander, but despite that fact - we all love her to death, after all, she's the baby!

[girl with curls]
This is Rach, she's also a Queenslander, but she lives in Canada. That's right - she ditched us for an igloo. But what can you do? Besides rumour has it she's "comin' home." She did however trek here in 2000 I guess that makes up for a little!!

Unfotunately they're all the photo's of friends I have... donations are welcome!! Just send 'em right on over!

to all the people I've stolen pictures from... thanks! I'll take them down if you so insist!