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by the sea
quotes from tv & movies

"Hamburger without beetroot's an unnatural act! [Frank, Water Rats]"

"As your new supporting officer, I order you to have sex with me. [Fiona to Terry, Water Rats]"

"Whatever it is, I didn't do it. [Frank, Water Rats]"

"I'm a control freak and I have to drive. [Goldie, Water Rats]"

"He shot the sheila, popped the lover and then turned the gun on himself. End of story, what’s for lunch? [Frank, Water Rats]"

"Listen guys, don't worry about it, because we, the divers, will take care of it for you - as usual... [Dave, Water Rats]"

"You see, this is like a marriage except it's a bit more serious... [Frank to Rachel, re: their partnership, Water Rats]"

"You kiss me again and I'll kill you! [Maggie to PJ, Blue Heelers]"

"We're supposed to be hot lovers, will you kiss me? [PJ to Maggie, Blue Heelers]"

"I just happen to like kissing detectives. [Maggie, Blue Heelers]"

"We work twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days of the year, protecting the Mt. Thomas Community. [Nick, Blue Heelers]"

"Personal relationships between colleagues, friend relations, are fine, but in my experience, office romance can have a disastrous effect on discipline and efficiency. (Tom, Blue Heelers)"

"I might be a bit slow today, but are we getting married? [Zoe to Nick, Blue Heelers]"

"You are a complete and utter fruitcake. [Zoe to Nick, Blue Heelers]"

"They're not big girls, they're terrifying women! [Jack on Maggie & Dash, Blue Heelers]"

"I'm a copper and that's what I do, and I always said that I would never let a relationship get in the way of that. [Maggie, Blue Heelers]"

"Jack is hunky, Jack is spunky, Jack can move and groove real funky... [Girl's journal re: Jack, Blue Heelers]"

"Poor old iceberg, going for a float and a dirty big ship runs into it. [PJ on Titanic, Blue Heelers]"

"Maybe, my friend, he's just tired of being alone and telling himself that it's okay. [Ben, Blue Heelers]"

"All I remember is that there was this giant avocado pear and it was going to hatch into a bird. [Maggie, Blue Heelers]"

"The best thing out of Mt Thomas is the road to Melbourne. [PJ, Blue Heelers]"

"A barbecue is for the burning consumption of meat! [Nick & PJ, Blue Heelers]"

"Where there's a will, there's a relative. [Nick, Blue Heelers]"

"So when was the last time we had a report of someone stealing a whole house Doyle? [PJ, Blue Heelers]"

"Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack. It's just a page full of Jacks. [Jack, Blue Heelers]"

"Deidre. You're a dag. [Tom, Blue Heelers]"

"It's a zoo, the whole place, we're working in a zoo. [Jack, Water Rats]"

"He shot the sheila, popped the lover, and then turned the gun on himself. End of story, what's for lunch? [Frank, Water Rats]"

"Stupid bloody Olympics, they'll be a disaster. [Frank, Water Rats]"

"I must've been smoking in the dunnies... [Rachel, Water Rats]"

"I could die for Robert Redford, you know, he's so um, he's so... anglo. [Rachel, Water Rats]"

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