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Name: Suzannah Latta
DOB: 27 November 1980
Whereabouts: Warny [and for the un-educated that's Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia]

There's not really much else to say I guess.
I have a cat called Pip, who used to be a girl but is now a boy. He used to be called Tarzan, which is oddly enough the name of Kylie's baby that Pip had. He likes to attack anything smaller than him, also ducks in the river and magpies.
I have nutty friends such as Sim and D, who are dodgier together than seperately. Vanessa who's just blatantly weird, and proud of it. There's Pip, the human... [enough said really]. There's Kylie - she lives in Brisbane. There's also Rhiannon who has a strange obsession with fictional characters having sex [I've got no idea where she picked that up from!]

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Rhiannon,being herself I presume...[the dude - or McGuyver of the New Millenium]