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Leaving So Soon?

Ness' Page
She's an Australian through and through, although she has several flaws such as enjoying "The X-Files" I forgive her simply because she enjoyed watching [for the short time that it was available] "Above the Law" but check out her site anyhow.

Rach's Page
She's the Queenslander who lives in the igloo in Canada, but that's okay because she's damn funky...

Rach's Water Rats Page
Ever wanted a Water Rats overload?? This is the place for nothing but Rat's!

Pip's Page
Ahhhhhhhh it's Pip the human, check if out even if it's only to read A Dodgy Tale...

Anna's Blue Heelers' Page
She's the Queen!!!!

Rhi's Page
There's only one reason that I've included a link to her page. It's simply because of the character descriptions that she gives!!

It's illegal, it breaches copywrite, hell it's even been on 60 minutes!!! But it's funky!

Funky Pages
This page is great if you're bored, it's got the most awesome quizzes!

Let's Sing It
Has the Lyrics to almost any song you can think of! Now your family can't complain because you DO know the lyrics!!!

Bridge Climb
This would be an awesome experience... if I ever got to do it!

so I've forgotten you? No problems, just drop me an email and you'll be linked here pretty quickly.