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my home by the sea
smelling the seaweed again

[thanks rach!]

I'm back... for how long we don't know, but you might get lucky and I'll disappear again.

Once again I'm filling your head with randomness, and being here is like reading yesterdays newspaper...

Any complaints - go to rach she's to blame.

But it's summer-time once again (hence the beach theme) so sit back and relax, watch the world go by on a glorious summer's day and most importantly don't forget to slip, slop, slap!!!

sun, sand & surf

once you've seen all there is to see, y'can just email me and tell me how your trip was

[j u s t   m e]
Have you ever found out something that you really wish that you didn't know?? -- Well hopefully that won't happen here...

[p e o p l e   I   k n o w]
I call them friends... they call me -- well I'd prefer not to know.

[b l u e   h e e l e r s] the birds sung sweetly through the country air, the silence was broken with "Mt Thomas Police! You're under arrest

[w a t e r   r a t s]
"If it's wet, it's ours!" The catch cry of the Sydney Water Police...

[w h o   s a i d   t h a t ?]
sayings and stuff I've picked up along the way...

[r a n d o m   c r a p]
useless things that really deserved a place to be

[f a n f i c t i o n]
once upon a time...

[l i n k s]
when it's time to go... it's time to go

© suzie 2000
gettin' sandy by the sea